About Us


  • Nhan Thien Phu is one of the top-ranking brands for racking and storage solutions for
    industrial goods. To invest in Nhan Thien Phu means to invest in perfect designs, quick delivery, safe installation, and long-lasting products.
  • Nhan Thien Phu is a well-known company in providing racking and storage solutions for industrial and civil consumption. In the progress of economic integration between Vietnam and partners worldwide, with our great potential, considerable business acumen and detailed
    market insight, we have developed firmly in the field of racking and storage solutions and highly
    assessed as a reliable partner in both domestic and international markets.


  • With the aim of providing the best products at the most competitive price and focusing on improving service quality to satisfy all clients, our original products such as heavy duty racking, medium duty racking, steel pallet – mobile cabinet, supermarket racking, etc have met
    customers’ demands in all over the world.


  • From the founding days, the quality of products and services as well as pricing policies, and providing ultimate solutions to clients are always set as the company’s top priority.
  • In the era of economic integration, besides meeting domestic needs, Nhan Thien Phu also
    sets up new strategies for enlarging manufacturing scales, improving productivity and
    expanding to foreign markets.


  • Nhan Thien Phu’s burning ambition is to become one of the world’s most popular brand
    names in the field of racking and storage solutions.


  • To provide the best products and services to satisfy the toughest clients. To build up a high-qualified, enthusiastic team to develop and maintain company identity. And, to provide ultimate
    solutions to foster our customers’ values.

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