System Mould Racking

This is a common method that Nhan Thien Phu has designed for customers. The common methods of consultancy and installation for large-scaled warehouses in Vietnam by Nhan Thien Phu have bring about customers many economic benefits. Mould Racking is usually designed as a drawer, useful for storing heavy parts which are loaded and unloaded by crane.
Mould Racking is assembled with clamp hooks, moulds are placed on shelves as drawers, with hoists above.

When putting moulds, move forks to position of drawers and catch moulds with forks or put them into shelves easily.
Advantages of Nhan Thien Phu Mould Racking  
+ To Optimize warehouse space containing moulds, to set up periodic inspection and maintenance process for moulds easily according to industry standards.
+ Operation by workers such as lifting, lowering, put-in and pull-out for moulds is kept safe and fast.
+ Each shelf has slideways, safety interlocks.
+ To enhance maintenance productivity for moulds.
+ Load of each shelf keeping moulds is up to 6 tons/shelf.
+ All parts of Mould Racking product are powder coated by Nhan Thien Phu or galvanized by request.


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