Selective racking

This Selective Pallet Racking, in Vietnam, is the most common and economical type of warehouse racking using Pallet in these days. Selective Pallet Racking system optimizes the choice of goods to 100%, which may reach the storage height of up to 16m, takes full advantage of the storage space in warehouses.

Nhan Thien Phu specializes in manufacturing and installing Selective Pallet Racking system that meets most of storage pallet sizes and cargo weights of requirement, suitable for all common forklift trucks currently.

Technicals specification for Selective Racking:

+ Easy to adjust the distance between shelves to fit the requirement of use.
+ Beam bars are capable of bearing loads of 1500kg ÷ 4000kg/shelf, or more. Length is 11150mm ÷ 3000mm.
+ The pallet is designed by Nhan Thien Phu with support crossbeam, plywood, steel plate , steel grid, etc.
+ Widespread used in most industries, manufacturing, logistics stations,, etc, which requires quick access to storage pallets without moving other pallets.
+ Fit most types of current forklift trucks.
+ The height of storage racking may reach 16m.
+ Warehouse area used for cargo storage may reach 30%.
+ The choice of stored goods may reach 100%.
+ Possible to be combined with Drive-in Pallet Racking, Double Deep Racking, Push Back Racking, Mezzanine Floor and others to form mixed warehouse, general warehouse, logistics station, etc.


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