This is a very popular and professional method that THIEN PHU has designed for customers. As usual, this is combined with Selective Racking, Double Deep Racking in system of large-scale warehouses in Vietnam that Nhan Thien Phu has implemented then brought about a lot of economic benefits to customers.

Drive-In/Drive-Thru pallet rack of Nhan Thien Phu is a method to increase the amount of goods in warehouses then attain investment efficiency. Cost for each pallet on this type of rack system is as low as that of Selective Rack System. Pallets are placed side by side along the depth of Rail system by forklift trucks. Each such deep groove may be designed to place 2-8 pallets or more and height of racking system may consist of 3-8 tiers of such deep groove.

Loading and unloading principle
A. Principle 1: Drive In Rack (Last in/First out – LIFO)
+ The rack is structured with rails leading pallets into racks and pallet stops in the middle of shelves.
+ Drive-in Rack is designed to load and unload goods from only one side. In this method, last-added goods are first-removed, according to “Last in/First out” LIFO. The deeper the storage compartment system is, the more difficultly the forklift truck works. Pallet-leading rails, however, is designed to be consistent precisely with the size of forklifts, reducing the likelihood of accident.

B. Principle 2: Drive Thru Rack (First in/First out – FIFO)
+ Its structure is similar to Drive-in rack’s – but pallet stops are not installed.
+ This Drive-thru Rack system is loaded from one side and unloaded from another side. This method allows that the first-added goods will be first-removed, according to Fist-in/First-out (FIFO). At the end of Drive Thru Rack system is also an entrance for forklifts to take goods.
Advantages of Drive-IN/Thru Racking system

Advantages of Drive-IN/Thru Racking system
+ This method is cost-effective but pallet-holding capacity in warehouses is much higher
+ To maximize using area and space of warehouses
+ Advantageous to use a variety of forklifts
+ To be designed to fit method “FILO” or “FIFO” depending on the needs of warehouses or when storing large quantities of uniform products.
+ In fact in Vietnam, this racking system is very suitable for many industries including basic industries, food industry and especially aquatic-product industry, freezing, etc.
+ Possible for high density storage.
+ To reduce area of aisle of forklifts.
+ Especially suitable for storing goods with expiry date.
+ Easy to upgrade and expand racks.
+ The choice of goods may reach 30%.
+ Designed with firm structure, safety according to FEM standards (EU), meeting best standards of load and safety.
+ Components, which build up Drive-In/Drive-Through racks, are standardized so the installation happens very quickly.


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