Library shelving

It is such the importance to be capable of storing a mass of products, protecting books, multi-media data discs on library shelves and students’  files towards library administrators and educational institutions.

Considering the Library shelving you need, Nhan Thien Phu can optimize your space into high density storage with flexible, compact racking system which provides a unique and multi-function storage method, contributing directly to reducing invested cost and making space available on premises or in library with storage need.

_ Discs, CD library
_ Documents and files
_ Storage
_ Sport storage device
_ Profiles
_ Large amounts of images, data

The diversity of items hold on library shelving racking, ultimate necessity to expand, protect multi-media books, furniture library and being capable of designing a library complex to enhance libraries’ capacity.

Document-storage racks are, by Nhan Thien Phu, designed and fixed with clamps and bolts so that it would be convenient to assemble and disassemble the racks in narrow areas.
+ Easy to adjust sizes of shelves as request.
+ Load is designed variously as storage request from 30kg to 150kg/shelf.
+ All racking product parts for office record storage are, by Nhan Thien Phu, powder coated or galvanized according to the request of use.
+ Design and quality are produced according to European standards by Nhan Thien Phu



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